The Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) National Spokesperson Ambassador Simon Khaya Moyo says President Emmerson Mnangagwa is focusing more on the economy than politics.

He says the President deserves a vote of thanks for his economic drive efforts, adding that his visionary leadership, since his inauguration has put emphasize on the need to focus on the economy more than politics.

He said because of Mnangagwa’s stance on economic development he has been touring various companies and projects around the country.

Meanwhile, Moyo has warned that there are criminal elements fleecing the general public using the party’s name through fake draws, where people are conned into believing they have won in those draws.

“ZANU PF has been alerted of the FAKE news that leadership has been forcing people to join the party and the party has taken note also of the false news that ZANU PF is politicizing food aid. This is noted and these are rogue elements within the press, who are cooking up stories,” he added.

Speaking at the party’s weekly special briefing, Moyo also said the independence of the Judiciary should be respected, adding that the party salutes Mnangagwa for agreeing and endorsing the notion that the judiciary must be independent and that its judgments must be respected.

“The President also emphasized on the separation of powers between the pillars of the state. Respect for the Judiciary is sacrosanct and must not be tempered with,” he said.