ZANU-PF First Secretary and President, Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa, is expected to meet youths and students before holding star rallies in all provinces as the ruling party’s campaign juggernaut gathers momentum.

Party National Secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu yesterday said President Mnangagwa had officially started on the campaign trail with the war veterans meeting in Harare on Friday.

“(On Friday) the President had a very successful meeting with the war veterans. He will soon meet students and youths around the country. He will also address stakeholders in different institutions where there is potential to mobilise support for the party,” said Dr Mpofu.

Dr Mpofu said after holding successful primary elections, Zanu-PF was now focused on the general election.

“People are keen to meet the President and the party is confident of a landslide victory. Our main target now is the harmonised elections. Rallies will be held in all provinces and districts which will be addressed by senior supporters to mobilise support for the party,” he said.

President Mnangagwa, a fortnight ago, launched Zanu-PF’s 2018 election manifesto whose theme is “Unite, Fight Corruption, Develop, Re-Engage and Create Jobs”.

The business friendly manifesto outlines various measures to address the key economic sectors of agriculture, manufacturing, tourism, infrastructure development, and health and education for a diversified economy.

Dr Mpofu said those who lost in primaries should not de-campaign the winners or risk being sanctioned by the ruling party.

“If they are genuine party members, they can’t do that. Such behaviour can only come from people planted into the party to cause chaos. We will not tolerate that. It is gross indiscipline for anyone to behave in that manner after such an open process where candidates were given equal opportunities and platforms to campaign.

“Our main target is the harmonised elections and all party members should support the chosen candidates. We can’t expend our energies on negativities. We urge all members of the party who didn’t make it in the primaries to support our candidates.

“If there are irregularities we accept that but what is worrying is that most of the complaints are coming after results were announced. The candidates allowed voting to go on and only started complaining after losing,” he said.

Zanu-PF held its primary elections last month to select candidates who will represent the party in the forthcoming harmonised elections.

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