Zimbabwean government and ruling ZANU PF insiders say President Emmerson Mnangagwa is now afraid of next year’s 2023 general elections amid economic implosion.

Insiders have reportedly told The Newshawks that Mnangagwa now wants elections avoided through inter-party negotiations with his main rival, opposition CCC leader Nelson Chamisa.

Apparently, the ruling party members recently told Mnangagwa that the party risks losing the much anticipated polls.

They told him that Zimbabweans are fed up with the current sufferings and likely going to turn their backs on the former liberation party.

Meanwhile, a recent survey by Afrobarometer has indicated that Mnangagwa is lagging behind Chamisa in terms of popularity.

The country is faced with an unyielding economy with prices of basic commodities rising every day.

And renowned American economist Steve Hanke, an authority on currency and inflation issues, says exchange rate volatility in Zimbabwe is intensifying (now US$1:ZW$610).

He gives President Mnangagwa a first class score in ‘economic stupidity and corruption.’

In his own calculation dashboard, Hanke says inflation is 284.6% and is the highest in the world.

Zimbabwe is struggling economically as a result of bad governance and rampant corruption, according to market watchers.

However, President Mnangagwa and his administration is blaming everything on sanctions.

Newshawks/ Zwnews