Netizens have accused President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa of force marching former vice president Pelekezela Mphoko to his rally in Nkayi.

Mnangagwa told his supporters at the rally that he was happy that Mphoko attended the event, he described him as a friend, adding that the two grew up together.

However, netizens said from the body language, it was clear that Mphoko was force marched to the rally.

Maphosa Maphosa, commented:

“The facial expression shows that he’s not happy at all. Maybe he was forced to.”

Another netizen, Lloyd Dube said Mphoko looked troubled: “He looks troubled.”

Another, Admire Hleza
said maybe Mphoko was forced to attend rally so that his son’s rape allegations could be dropped.

“Bathe attend our rally,we will clear ur son of all rape allegations, deal done.”

Mr Rat said: “He went with his black cowboy hat, they forced him to remove it and wear their white cap.”

Ruvarashe said: But he was supposed to be the president until elections were held. ED had been fired as VP. He stole the presidency. His rap sheet is getting longer.

Apparently, in 2017 when former President Robert Mugabe was toppled by the military, Mphoko was the one who should have succeeded him, however he was outwitted by Mnangagwa who had been fired two weeks before.