Zimbabwe war veterans have warned ambitious young Zanu PF to be watchful as there is only one person next in line to succeed President Mugabe.

mnangagwa to succeed mugabe

Mnangagwa is the next person in line

Speaking to reporters in Harare, war vets leader Douglas Mahiya had this to say:

Next in line from those who took part in the struggle, is Mnangagwa. There is nothing sinister about that, it is just a matter of principle, Mnangagwa does not want to take over; he is already in the bus, in a firm position to take over and is under no pressure. It is those that are at the back of the queue who are pushing to take the baton from the one in second place

Mnangagwa is facing competition from young party cadres who feel that a younger and energetic leader is needed to take over from President Mugabe when he leaves office.

Mugabe is expected to lead Zanu PF and Zimbabwe until 2023 when he will be constitutionally unsuitable to run for office.