Outspoken Norton Member of Parliament, Temba Mliswa has waded into the Jonathan Moyo, Saviour Kasukuwere Twitter war (twar), calling on the two to show maturity.

This is after Moyo took Kasukuwere saying he launched his presidential bid by attacking him.

“The Prof too should come back home cleanly without smearing others to gain favours. There is no need for that. I have always believed that everyone should come back home. We can’t have people in exile running away from a fellow black government,” says Mliswa.

He says Moyo must not try to seek favours by tarnishing others.

“There is no need to slander each other to curry favour for a safe return. The Prof, if he is a real man, should return and face his own cases, clear himself and get on with life. Kasukuwere did that. He returned under no guise of duplicity as he had no case to answer.

“Prof Moyo sees himself as some strategist & it appears he is playing out a dramatic re-entry plot AGAIN.

“Meanwhile Kasukuwere is a hardcore politician who understands the pitfalls & plots of politics. He accepted that they had been outwitted as Moyo’s own quoted tweet shows,” he says.

Moyo attacked Kasukuwere after he said he will not apologise to ZANU PF like what Moyo and Patrick Zhuwao had done.

Mliswa called on Kasukuwere to return to ZANU PF.

“I still talk to Kasukuwere that he should return and meet the President and give his side of the story because there are people in ZANU PF who are peddling and breeding the false allegations that he wants to form a party. That’s rubbish,” adds Mliswa.