Is seems Norton independent Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa is not yet done with his ex-lover, Susan Mutami.

The two have been throwing some spanners at each other in a nasty public fight. Meanwhile, at the time some are made to believe their war might be over, or at least toned down, Mliswa seems to have just reignited it again.

Mliswa started it again after Mutami using her Twitter handle tried to inquire if foreign investors are able to withdraw their money from banks, she also asked people’s opinions on reforms and if economic sanctions on Zimbabwe should be lifted.

“Are investors allowed to withdraw their money from the banks? And what do u think needs to be done in terms of economic and political reforms? And should sanctions stay for good or be lifted,” she posted.

Meanwhile, Mutami then posted another question, asking if Zimbabwe was ready for foreign direct investment, but Mliswa lashed at her saying she should rather ask ZANU PF bigwigs she is allegedly in the habit of having sex with.

“Just a quick one guys is Zimbabwe ready for FDI and would you recommend it to Australian foreign investors and other nationalities and what advice would you give to those that have invested there already?” She asked.

Mliswa responded: “Enda unobvunza madhara eZanu awunokwirisa, they know the answer. If they refuse to give you an answer ozodzoka tokuudza answer!”

Apparently, Mliswa was recently arrested at a press meeting to “clear allegations” made by his estranged girlfriend, who had set Twitter ablaze after posting that she is three months pregnant with the independent Member of Parliament’s twins.

During his address, Mliswa said Mutami was sent by minister Ncube in his CIO operations to allegedly investigate and destroy him politically.

At some point, Mutami’s pictures with high profile politicians were leaked to the media, suggesting she should be having affairs with them.

In response she wrote:

“Kana ndimiwo how many men have I been given now ? Handipengi ndinodanana ne nyika yese ka ini.I gave those pictures to officers that came to interview me surprisingly after I had been questioned abt who I had been in contact w mu gvt all my life.”