A married man found himself in a predicament on Tuesday night when he was unexpectedly detained at the residence of his lover, sparking a bizarre midnight drama in the Zengeza 5 area.

Mack Chiwanga, caught in a compromising situation, urgently called for assistance after discovering he was locked inside the bedroom of his paramour, Alice Chirwa. Unaware of her husband’s whereabouts, Chiwanga’s wife was left in the dark about his nighttime activities.

Chiwanga, distressed by his confinement, alleged that he had been lured to Chirwa’s residence under false pretenses before she secured the door and concealed the keys, preventing his departure.

In a plea for help made around 2 a.m., Chiwanga implored H-Metro to intervene urgently, recounting the events that led to his entrapment. He claimed that Chirwa had seduced him and then trapped him inside her home.

Chiwanga’s exact words were: “Please H-Metro can you rush here like now. This lady seduced me and she ended up leading me to her house which she locked upon entering. She refuses to open for me to go home to my place in Zengeza 5. She has hidden the keys.”

However, Chirwa defended her actions, asserting that she had locked the door to ensure Chiwanga’s safety in light of recent criminal activity in the area. She argued that it was too dangerous for him to venture out alone, particularly at such a late hour and without access to a vehicle.

Explaining her decision to detain Chiwanga, Chirwa stated: “I locked the door because it’s too dark and risky for him to walk home since he has no car. It is better for him to arrive home alive than dead. I will not unlock until it is safe for him to travel because we witnessed a serious robbery scene when a man was attacked and the robbers ran away leaving him bleeding.”

As Chiwanga’s wife remained unaware of the unfolding events, the situation highlighted the risks associated with clandestine relationships.