A total of 89 returnees from Zimbabwe’s neighbors Botswana and South Africa were yesterday quarantined in the Midlands capital of Gweru, bringing the number of quarantined returnees to 358 in the province.
Of the 89 new returnees, 48 of them came from South Africa while the other 41 are from Botswana.
The Midlands province is yet to record any Covid19 cases at its Gweru Polytechnic and Mkoba Teachers’ College quarantine centres.

Minister Larry Mavima

Provincial Affairs Minister for Midlands, Larry Mavima confirmed to state media over the latest developments.
“Mkoba Teachers College has received another 89 returning residents bringing the total in the province to 358. 48 came from South Africa and 41 from Botswana,” Minister Mavima said.
“As results come out, we will start releasing negative cases out of quarantine.”
Mavima warned residents, particularly those in leadership positions, to desist from spreading unsubstantiated claims regarding quarantine areas. This comes amid reports that the quarantine facilities are faced with critical food shortages.
Minister Mavima said the province has sufficient stocks of food to feed all the returnees and dismissed reports that some returnees escaped from the quarantine facilities, thereby exposing various communities to the spread of Covid19.
He said the province has adequate food to feed all returnees while in quarantine where there is also sufficient security.
Mavima took a swipe at Gweru Urban legislator Brian Dube who was quoted in the private media as saying security lapses within some quarantine centres had resulted in dozens of returnees escaping from the Covid-19 facilities, thereby exposing other residents to the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
He described Dube’s claims as ‘unsubstantiated’ and bent on causing unnecessary alarm and despondency in the province. Mavima said all the quarantine centres in the province are well secured with adequate and well-equipped security details.
“His (Dube’s) comments are very unfortunate and he is advised to seek the correct and accurate information from authorities before rushing to the media. We would also invite him to have a good meal at any of the two facilities which is probably much better than what he has at his home,” he said.

State Media