Popular club emcee, Big Dollar Bruce – real name Bruce Kanengoni – is not a happy man.

The burly entertainer lost his first car to two Warren Park auto mechanic students.

Big Dollar had taken his vehicle for service at a garage in Warren Park at Mereki Complex last week on Monday only to be told it was involved in an accident the following morning.

“I had a little problem with my car so I took it to Mutape’s garage (real name Tapera Mutape) kwa Mereki to get it fixed.

“He asked me to leave it behind and only to get a call the next day that two students, being taught mechanics at the garage, had hot-wired it and got involved in an accident.

“The two culprits are Tawanda Mangwiro and the other one is only known as Simba.

“I’m not happy, I have since reported the issue to the police (RB 5269895).

“It’s painful after all the work I did to get that car and someone just steals it and crashes it.

“I want my car back,” said Big Dollar.

He added: “This has inconvenienced me in so many ways, especially with this festive season.

“I have to get to shows on time and now I have fork out more for transport expenses.”

Big Dollar is the recent victim to such incidents after dancehall artist, Freeman, also lost his vehicle to a cousin’s friend, who had stolen his car.

Dance choreographer, John Cole, recently also had his car stolen only to find the body with some of the parts missing. H Metro