The Zimbabwe High Court has given Morgan Tsvangirai and MDC the go ahead to demonstrate in the streets of Bulawayo against false and misleading election promises made by Zanupf.

In 2013 Zanupf tricked ‘gullible’ Zimbabwe voters with 2,2 million jobs.

The ruling party also ‘wiped’ service debts and rates owed to local authorities and parastatals, while this helped for few days it crippled service delivery system in the whole country condemning the population ‘back to Stone Age’.

The march is part of a gradual step to facilitie the demise of zanupf.

Zanupf has been going through unprecedented political crises since the last days of Joice Mujuru in 2014.

MDC is now looking at 2018 elections as another opportunity to take over from Zanupf.

Tsvangirai who recently went through a hospital procedure in South Africa is expected to lead the demonstrators next week.

There are rumours that another Zanupf faction is strongly in favour of MDC demos as they weaken and discredit a rival faction