TWO brothers from Binga allegedly punched and kicked a 52-year-old man to death for demanding $1 that they owed him for mbanje.

Takwana Sibanda Mpande (30) and his brother Naison Sibanda Mpande (in his 20s), both of Guteni village, allegedly repeatedly hit Charles Mzamba of Zeula Village, under Chief Siabuwa on Friday.

They left him unconscious in a pool of blood.

The incident occurred at around 5PM at Komiti Mzamba’s homestead where villagers had gathered to buy and drink opaque beer.

Villagers rushed Mzamba to Siabuwa Clinic on Saturday when his condition deteriorated. Due to the seriousness of his condition, nurses referred Mzamba to Binga District Hospital where he died on Sunday morning.

Both suspects, who had fled from the scene on Friday, have since been arrested.

Chief Siabuwa said the siblings got angry when Mzamba demanded payment for mbanje that they had bought on credit last year.

“Two siblings killed an elderly villager over a debt of $1. The now deceased demanded his money from these two men after seeing them selling fish. It is alleged the two owed him a dollar from last year and when these two arrived at the drinking spot selling fish and buying beer, he demanded what he was owed.

“This pissed off the two siblings and instead of them paying up, they attacked him with fists and booted feet. Naison punched him while Takwana kicked him on his back until he began to vomit blood. Seeing this, the two fled from the scene and we didn’t see them until Sunday evening. Police arrested them,” said the area Chief.

He said it was sad to note that members of the public no longer value life.

The increased numbers of murder cases in Binga District, Chief Siabuwa said, were worrisome and what made it worse is that people are killing each other over petty issues.He urged members of the public to respect each other.

“No one deserves to be killed for any reason and if someone owes anyone anything, they should learn to pay up peacefully without resorting to violence. When in dispute, engagement of third parties like us traditional leaders, the police and church leaders is advised,” said Chief Siabuwa.

Matabeleland North acting police spokesperson Assistant Inspector Eglon Nkala confirmed the arrest of the suspects.

“We are investigating a case of murder where the suspects assaulted and kicked the now deceased, resulting in his death. The suspects, who had fled, have since been arrested and will appear in court soon.

“We urge people to learn to solve trivial matters using the word of mouth rather than resorting to violence as this only results in loss of lives and jail for the perpetrators,” Asst Insp Nkala said. zimpapers