A 29-year old man from Masvingo man is now in serious trouble with the law for failing to pay Z$3 000 (pegged at US$7 on the thriving parallel market) for the maintenance of his child, after he was threatened with a four-month jail term if he fails to pay the money by May 20, 2022.

The man, Wisdom Manhivi, was warned by Masvingo Magistrate, Ritaiswe Silaigwana, that failure to settle the outstanding maintenance costs by the given date would result in a four-month jail term.

Manhivi told the court that he is incapacitated to pay the maintenance since he is unemployed, the regional Mirror newspaper reported.

According to Curren Chikwanda of ZBS, Manhivi stopped paying the maintenance in November last year. This was after he had started paying for the maintenance in June of the same year, Chikwanda said.