National Patriotic Front (NFP) MP for Kwekwe Mr Masango “Blackman” Matambanadzo was airlifted to China on a medical emergency due to suspected food poisoning.

Matambanadzo once grabbed the headlines following a rally he conducted whilst perched on the shoulders of his bodyguard/bouncer.

The former Zanu PF member is also the only legislator to have won an election under the National Patriotic Front (NPF) , a G40 political project.

There has been speculation late over the whereabouts of “Blackman” (the name he earned due to his dark complexion).

Mr Matambanadzo’s secretary Ms Angela Nyathi confirmed her boss flew to China to seek medication attention following suspected food poisoning.

“The MP is not here, he is out of the country where he is seeking treatment, you can get more details from his secretary at the constituency offices,” said a relative at the legislator’s Amaveni house, who declined to be named.

He has not been well of late following what doctors suspected to be food poisoning,” she said.