The behaviour of Chiwenga’s wife, Mary, a former model and ex-wife to retired Zimbabwe Warriors forward Shingi Kawondera has left many with more questions than answers after she participated in social community events in Harare while her husband was fighting for his life in China.

Mary was not part of the welcoming group that met General Chiwenga at Harare Airport when he returned from his 123 day medical pilgrimage.

A report by a local Zimbabwean online news portal exposes problems in the paradise.

We reproduce it as it is…

Chiwenga was driven to his Chisipite home from the airport, avoiding the Borrowdale home he shares with his wife, Mary, who was not at the airport to welcome him.

ZimLive reported in August that Chiwenga had banned Mary from visiting him in China after a fallout.

Chiwenga, gravely-ill in a South African hospital at the end of June, was furious after Mary requested him to legally marry her.

The “death-bed” marriage request reportedly infuriated Chiwenga, who had already received several briefings about his wife’s alleged infidelity and even suspicions that she was behind his mystery illness.

One of those infidelity allegations, ZimLive understands, was that the former model was cheating on Chiwenga with a Congolese man who was Mary’s hairdresser. The man was later deported.

Chiwenga left Mary in South Africa when he was flown to China in July, and cut all communications.

On Saturday afternoon, the vice president was visited by Mnangagwa and his wife, Auxillia. The two men shared a bear hug and appeared delighted to see each other.

Chiwenga then flew by helicopter to his rural home in Wedza, where his extended family was expected to conduct some traditional rituals “thanking the ancestors for his healing”, a source said.

The vice president has told aides he wishes to visit former president Robert Mugabe’s widow, Grace, to pay his condolences following his death on September 6. Chiwenga was unable to attend the funeral due to his treatment.