By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

A married Shurugwi man who recently appeared before the court for fondling his female workmate’s breasts has been fined $200.
Tawanda Ben Zulu 39 of Ransburg low density suburb appeared before Shurugwi resident Magistrate Sangster Tavengwa indecent assault as defined in section 67 of the Criminal Law (Codification and Reform )Act chapter 9: 23.

Prosecuting, Nyengeterai Nechirava told the court that on the 10th day of July 2017 at Vastraft Investments offices, Tawanda Ben Zulu got into Thelma Sophia Frankins’ (31) office and started dancing to the music the complainant was playing; suddenly the accused person started caressing the complainant’s breasts without her consent.

The complainant refrained herself from the accused and reported the incident to the company security guard who later escorted the accused from the company premises before filing a police report which led to the incarceration of the accused person.

In his defence Zulu argued that he did not intentionally fondle the complaints breasts but rather he wanted to give her a big up but the complainant moved her hand away leading the accused to have contact with the complainant’s breasts.
“Mambo wangu mhosva yandinopomerwa ndinoiramba handina kubata Zamu remumhang’ari, asi ndakangotambanudza ruoko rwangu ndichida kumhoresa mumhang’ari nebig up sezvataiita mazuva ese but akanzvengesa ruoko rwake ndikaguma Zamu rake rekuruboshwe,” said Zulu.Translated to English as; your worship I deny the allegations that I fondled the complainant’s breasts but what really transpires is that I wanted to give the complainant a big up as we usually do but she moved her hand away leading to my hand coming into contact with her left breast.

Sentencing, Magistrate Sangster Tavengwa slapped Zulu with a $200 fine and failure to pay would substitute the fine with a 3months prison sentence.