This is what they’ve waited for all these years. Manchester City have won the Champions League!

They’re European champions. They’ve done the Treble. What a season, what a time. A night they will never ever forget.

Manchester City’s arduous pursuit of Champions League glory culminated in a momentous triumph over Inter Milan in the heart of Istanbul, marking the completion of an extraordinary Treble under the helm of Pep Guardiola.

Following their conquests in the Premier League and FA Cup, City replicated the historic triple trophy achievement of their Manchester counterparts, emulating the legendary feat of Manchester United in 1999. With Rodri’s precise 68th-minute strike clinching a hard-fought final, they etched their name as only the second English club to ascend to such heights.

Guardiola’s indomitable ensemble, although not displaying their customary brilliance, encountered the formidable challenge posed by Inter’s meticulously structured squad, compounded by the early loss of the influential Kevin De Bruyne to injury. Nonetheless, the exultant multitude of City devotees within the confines of the Ataturk Stadium remained oblivious to these adversities, as they jubilantly reveled in what would go down in history as the club’s most illustrious night – a culmination of an extraordinary season.

For Guardiola, this triumph solidifies his standing as one of the preeminent managerial luminaries, elevating his accolades to a remarkable tally of three Champions League titles, adding to the two he secured during his tenure at Barcelona, the last of which materialized in 2011.

Contrary to the predictions of an effortless victory, the path to glory was beset with obstacles, as City had to navigate through nerve-racking moments, including Federico Dimarco’s header rattling off the crossbar and Ederson’s breathtaking late save to thwart Romelu Lukaku. Nevertheless, the ultimate narrative revolved around triumph, with City etching their name into the annals of history.

Now, Guardiola and his valiant squad can bask in the reverence of their monumental achievement, securing an indelible place within the tapestry of footballing greatness.