In a sad development, a man from Chinhoyi committed suicide after learning that his daughter had died before her husband could pay lobola for her.

Gift Muzamarunya who was 35 years of age, was so distraught when he learned that his daughter had died at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital, that he confided his suicidal intentions to his neighbour.

Muzamarunya told Portifa Kadyamatimba that he did not have a reason to continue living as he was no longer going to receive his lobola payment from his son-in-law following the death of his daughter.

Kadyamatatimba and other neighbours quickly informed Muzamarunya’s wife of her husband’s state of mind, but by then he had already disappeared. He was later discovered dead hanging from a tree.

Mashonaland West provincial spokesperson Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the incident.

The deceased daughter’s age and cause of death were not disclosed.