Breaking up with someone is hard. It becomes even worse when the person you’re trying to break up with refuses to accept it.

Caroline Chitewe from Bulawayo’s Emganwini suburb claimed her ex-husband Farai Mundondo, a DStv installer, was finding it hard to accept the end of their relationship after he threatened to kill her supposedly as punishment for refusing to reconcile.

Although it’s now over between the two of them, for Mundondo it seems it was not until he himself says it’s over. Chitewe said Mundondo, who is allegedly having trouble moving on, should admit that he could not control everything.

“I have been in an unregistered customary union with Farai Mundondo from April 2015 until it ended in August 2019 and we have two minor children together. From that time Farai has failed to accept that we are no longer together.

“He calls and sends me insulting messages. He has also threatened to kill me and his threatening behaviour, is scaring me. I am now living in fear to an extent that I have since moved the children from my place to stay with my brother,” stated Chitewe in her submissions for a protection order against Mundondo.

Their children are aged two and eight.

A seemingly remorseful Mundondo didn’t refute his ex-wife’s accusations.

“I am not opposed to her application,” he succinctly said.

Magistrate Nomasiko Ndlovu who presided over the matter, then ordered him not to insult his ex-wife and not to go to her workplace and house.