Tinashe Zoisengwe

A 23-year-old man from Chirumhanzu recently failed to control his temper and struck his friend with an empty beer bottle as well as a brick on the head after he had mistakenly stepped on his feet.

Antony Yobe who resides at Chikotonharo village pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges when he appeared before Gweru Regional Magistrate Mr. Morgan Nemadire.

Prosecuting Mr Kelvin Guvheya told the court that on December 14, 2014 around 8pm, Yobe and Givemore Mamvura (20) were at the T-Base Bottle Store, Charandura Business Centre drinking beer.

He added that Mamvura mistakenly stepped on Yobe’s friend’s foot and a misunderstanding arose between the two.

Guvheya further said Yobe got hold of an empty beer bottle and hurled it towards Mamvura’s shoulder who sustained serious injuries in the head.

As if not enough, Yobe went outside the bottle store and returned armed with a cement brick weighing 1, 6 kilograms which he used to hit Mamvura once on the head causing more severe injuries.

Mamvura was left unconscious and had to be helped by a passersby who assisted him to report the matter at a local police station.

The court heard that Mamvura was referred to St Theresa Hospital where he was treated and medically examined.

According to the medical report exhibited in court Mamvura sustained severe head injuries which resulted in memory loss and stroke on the left side of the body resulting in him being admitted in hospital for more than four months.

The Magistrate said Yobe’s actions were violent considering the fact that the complainant had only stepped on his feet, of which it was a mistake therefore he deserved a prison term.

Yobe was therefore sentenced to 15 years imprisonment of which three were suspended on condition the accused person does not commit a similar offence.

Two more were also set aside on condition that Yobe restitutes Mamvura medical fees of $880.