In a startling turn of events, King Gumbira, 23, hailing from Guruve, faced a heart-wrenching betrayal after his wife, Memory Makomo, was discovered to be pregnant by a close relative soon after the payment of lobola.

The sequence of events unfolded when King, diligent in his responsibilities, accompanied Memory for routine blood tests post-lobola payment, only to be confronted with the distressing revelation of her pregnancy. Shockingly, the responsible party was identified as her uncle, Jaifi Kafarawo, reported to be in his 30s.

Following the exposure of their illicit affair, Jaifi abruptly deserted his own family, absconding with Memory to seek refuge in Mt. Darwin. King recounted the ordeal, expressing profound anguish over the deception he endured. He revealed that part of his lobola was refunded by Memory’s family upon learning of her infidelity.

Recounting his ordeal, King lamented, “I am yet to recover from the pain that I suffered. If I had known beforehand, perhaps I could have been spared this agony. She never disclosed her clandestine relationship with her uncle, a betrayal I never fathomed.”

Adding further to the distress, King remarked, “Refunding lobola cannot compensate for the emotional turmoil, wasted time, and shattered trust I invested in Memory.”

The situation took a grim turn as Memory, a mere 15 years old, had misled King by claiming to be 17. Meanwhile, Uncle Jaifi remains estranged from his family, leaving behind a trail of devastation and broken trust.