A man employed as a security guard at a Chinese-run gold mine in Kwekwe is on the run after he, in his drunken stupor, shot at a colleague who resultantly lost his right leg following a nasty dispute involving the trigger-happy watchman and other mine workers last week.

The fugitive security guard identified as Chauke, who works at Ming Chang Sino Africa in Kwekwe, is now on police wanted list after he pulled the trigger on fellow workmate, Dzvinyai Gumbato, a Bow mill operator at the same mining company.

Following the incident which occurred on September 3 2020, Gumbato’s right leg has since been amputated an issue which, as naturally expected, has jeopardised the morale of his family.

What is even more surprising is the fact that Chauke, who could be caged on attempted murder charges if caught, caused damage on Gumbato’s right leg for reprimanding him over getting drunk while on duty.

Although authorities at the Chinese owned Ming Chang Sino Africa were inexplicably stingy with details of the shooting incident, Zwnews paid a courtesy call at Gumbato’s residence in Amaveni suburb yesterday morning.

Gumbato narrated the painful ordeal he went through on the horror night in which he unfortunately lost his right leg.

Dzvinyai Gumbato

After committing the crime, Chauke is said to have dropped the gun and fled from the scene.
“It occured at around ten o’clock in the evening,” Gumbato told this publication.

“He (Chauke) was dead drunk on that particular day and we tried to reprimand him against that especially when at work. As someone who was intoxicated, he kept on quarrelling and left,” said Gumbato.

The security guard’s waywardness reached another new low when he decided to go to the guardroom that also houses the mine armoury and booked for a gun to use on the pretext that he wanted to protect the premises from ‘some intruders’.

“When he booked for the gun, I am told that Chauke claimed that he wanted to use it against some armed intruders who had previously besieged the plant and, since the authorities didn’t know his actual motives, they granted him permission to use the gun,” said Gumbato.

After he came in possession of the killer device with the blessings of his superiors, the gun-trotting Chauke then returned to the room where Gumbato and other mine workers were gathered.

“In the room, there were around eight individuals but he came straight to me, wielding a loaded gun, and started asking why we were reprimanding him. He shouted at me, saying ‘you were saying that I am drunk. Who is drunk?’ and he behaved like someone possesed with evil spirits Gumbato narrated.

The squabbling is said to have lasted for a while and Chauke, who was threatening to shoot his colleagues for saying he was drunk, then stormed out of the house in protest.

Added Gumbato:

“I also went outside, trying to warn him that his actions were likely going to get him in serious trouble with the mine authorities. But before I could even say anything, he pointed the gun at me right away- some two meters from where I was standing”.

And the only thing Gumbato could remember was hearing a thunderous sound and the next time he woke up draped in bandages and writhing in pain in the intensive care unit at Kwekwe General Hospital where his damaged right leg was subsequently amputated.

He stayed in the hospital for five days before being discharged and is now receiving medical attention from his residence in the U-section of Amaveni neighborhood.

It is also reported that when the gun thundered, other mine workers who were in the room rushed outside to see what was happening.

They found Gumbato lying unconcious in a pool of blood and tried to get hold of the armed assailant who scared them away by firing warning shots at his fellow colleagues.

When they dispersed, Chauke sped off, and dropped the gun some meters away.

A report was then filed at Kwekwe Central Police station but during the time of publishing, Chauke was still on the run.

The shooting victim’s sister, Gumisai Gumbato (49) who travelled all the way from Murewa after receiving the painful news, said the family was still in a state of shock following the incident.

Gumbato and his sister, Gumisai

“When I received a phone call from a family member who stays in Rutendo (Redcliff), I never expected that she would deliver such kind of news to me. We are still shocked as a family and only look up to God in the hope that the criminal will face the full wrath of the law,” an emotional Gumisai said, struggling to control her tears.

When contacted for comment, the mine manager for Ming Chang Sino Africa, Taurai Banana, refused to comment on the matter saying he was ‘busy’.

“I am currently busy where I am. You can get in touch with me latter in the day,” said Banana.
Efforts to contact Banana later did not bear any fruit as he was no longer picking up calls from this publication.

Provincial police spokesperson for the Midlands, Inspector Joel Goko could not be reached for confirmation of the shooting incident.