Police in Southlea Park are investigating circumstances surrounding a case of murder in which Tinashe Ruzaya Paunosvika (48) killed his wife, Ronah Masango (40), with an axe on 27/09/21 at Ushewekunze Phase 1 Harare.

Coincidentally, Tinashe Ruzaya Paunosvika was found dead on 29/09/21 at the 265 km peg, Masvingo- BeitBridge Rd (15 meters from the highway) with a suicidal note addressed to his late wife.

The suspect had earlier accused the victim of infidelity.

In a related case police in Chegutu arrested Percy Makamba (22) in connection with a murder case which occurred on 29/09/21 at Kaguvi Phase 2 suburb.

The suspect struck the victim, Cecilia Wilson (69) on the head with an unknown object leading to her death. Investigations are in progress.