The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is investigating a suspected case of murder in which Panashe Chitendeya (22) allegedly confessed to have killed his daughter (11) on 12 November 2022 at Homedale Farm , Selous after a domestic dispute with his ex-wife.

According to police, the suspect had visited his ex-wife in a bid to reconcile with her.

And the body of the victim which was allegedly hidden in a bush at the farm has not been found.

In another case of suspected murder, police in Filabusi are investigating a case of murder in which Bernado Moyo (25) died on 14/11/22 whilst admitted at a local hospital after he was stabbed with an okapi knife on the head and struck with a machete on the stomach and back.

This is reportedly following an argument over a girlfriend during a beer drinking spree on 13/11/22 at a bar at Nkankezi Business Centre.