A 36-year-old voyeur Tendai Nyakutsveta has been hauled before Chitungwiza court for hunting down couples and taking videos and pictures of them being intimate.

On February 15 this year, at Dam View Garden, at around 2pm, Nyakutsveta caught Takudzwa Kamuriwo being inti_mate with his girlfriend in a car and took photos of them in the act.

The alleged demanded $100 from Kamuriwo making threats to publish the video and photos and forcibly took his iphone since he did not have any money promising to give it back once the ransom had been made.

Another incident occured on April 8, at around 12 noon, at Dam View Garden, Nyakutsveta caught Blessing Sabeta (28) being inti_mate with her husband in a bush and demanded $100 from them making the same threats.

It is reported that Nyakutsveta was involved in other schemes where he ripped people off of their money which led to his arrest.

The alleged is facing three counts of extortion and was remanded to April 25 for trial on free bail.