Well, things are heating up as the clock continues to tick-tock towards 23 August.

For starters, they call me Mambara, and you can call me Mambara as well. I absolutely have no problems with the derisive connotations associated with this Mambara (or is it Mampara) nickname? All I know is that this Mambara tag has been pestering Yours Truly since Day One.

So, being the Mambara that I have always  been, let’s get straight into Today’s Word.

The handshake that costed a house in Redcliff

Down in Redcliff, Mambara’s moles have it on good authority that this Pastor weMusangano who is also related to this other cabinet minister who made headlines for losing to a good-for-nothing grave digger in the 2018 elections- ended up losing his house after forcing his way to greet Mukuru when the ‘Number One’ had paid his girlfriend a visit.


And, guess the model of the jallopy that chaufered Mukuru to the newly-constructed house of his mistress- a Honda Fit, of all the cars on Planet Earth!!

Now, let’s go straight to the details of the matter. Mukuru’s girlfriend answers to the first name, Sikholekhile. So for purposes of Today’s Word, let’s call her Sikho Spears.

Peharps, her real surname has some bit of resemblance to Britney Jean Spears- that American singer and songwriter who is often reffered to as the ‘Princess of Pop’ in recognition of the influential role she played towards the revival of teen pop during the late 1990s and early 2000s.

So, word has it that when Pastor had gathered that Mukuru vakange vauya kuzowona Madame Sikho, he decided to bump into Sikho’s residence for a lifetime ‘achievement’ of having a handshake with the country’s Number One. Apparently oblivious of the consequences that would arise from having a handshake with Mukuru who obviously did not want any public attention, sezvo anga afambira madhiri eStonyeni- Pastor went straight to the Honda Fit to greet him.

Impeccable (yes very very impeccable) sources told Mambara that this did not go down well with Mukuru who could not tell the man-of-the-cloth right away kuti anenge ave kuzvinyanya.

So, the poor Pastor vemusangano had to quake in his boots after mamonya akabva ku office yaMukuru approached him reprimanding him over this despicable act of greeting Mukuru when he had secretly visited Madame Spears.

They (these mamonya ekwa Mukuru) also told the Pastor that he had to look for another house.

This has also affected many other landowners who were intending to build their residential houses in Millenium Park- a spanking new middle-density suburb in Redcliff.

Mambara understands that most of those who had acquired land close to Madame Spears’ residence have now been told to vacate and build their houses elsewhere.

“They were all told to vacate, including the Pastor who is Madame Spears’ next-door-neighbour,” said a source.

“What is saddening to note is the fact that the Pastor was the first one to build his house before Madame Spears came along to construct her own plush double-storey residence, next-door. Initially the Pastor had planned to move from Rutendo township where he currently stays to the new house yekumadhewudhewu but vave panguva yakawoma manje. It is still not clear if Mukuru will be able to foot the construction finances for the Pastor and several other landowners with residences close to Madame Spears,” the source added.

Keep watching the space!

Till next time, Mambara says Bonne journée!!!