UFIC church leader Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa has allegedly warned Zimbabweans to brace for challenging political times in a rare message that seem to mourn the unnecessary loss of lives in Harare following disputed elections.

Makandiwa who rarely preaches politics also implored Zimbabwe citizens to exercise restraint and pray as danger is knocking at the door.

Said Makandiwa:

“Our nation needs prayers, so sad what we see happening. People are dying while going about their business. Anything can happen. Danger is knocking at our doors. We don’t want to live under threats.

“We all saw a terrible sight in our town. Something that you don’t think could happen. There are some other countries used to that but not us, we are not used to that. I saw a video of one soldier taking cover and feeling like he is in the bush while in town.

“Right in town he felt like he was in war. What is the problem with you?”, he charged!