By Kelvin Kasiwulaya

One wonders and ponders how a man of cloth can fight for a beer trophy, Prophet Magaya of Prophetic and Healing Deliverance Ministries (PHD ) through his Yadah Football Team is fighting towards winning a beer manufacturing company’s trophy (Zimbabwe Castle Lager Premiership) kkkkk the paradox of religion in the end times.

Is the Prophet to some extent in tandem with drinking of beer by congregants? Or he is just focused on corporate social responsibility? One ponders gingerly.

Other myopic souls will rush to admonish this writer and say touch ye not the anointed ones of the lord, alas I am not touching but just scrutinizing the acts of a modern prophet and also puzzled at the paradox of a Christian team sponsored by a man of God to win a beer trophy, is this not playing the devil’s advocate? mmmm I stand to be corrected on this one.

The prophet’s team has posted four consecutive defeats stretching from a 1-nil loss to Dynamos, 7-2 trashing by Bantu Rovers before a 1-nil defeat to Chicken Inn and a 2-0 loss to FC Platinum, these results are a clear sign that the lord is not on Yadah’s side, the prophet is fighting for the wrong cause, how can a man of God win an a beer trophy oh God forbid

Recently the Prophet has lashed out at his team members who don’t attend his church services. This past Sunday, Magaya said less than 15 players from a pool of 45 attended church.

According to Magaya as reported by ZiFM News he holds the keys to Yadah winning any match in race to scoop the castle lager premiership

Other sentiments by the prophet concerning his team are as follows;

“There should be an agreement, a covenant between me, the founder of the team, and the players.

“The players and their technical staff approached me, asking me to pray for the team.

“I said no, because there is no agreement between me and the team.

“Yadah FC is a spiritual team. If there is no agreement between me and the team, the team cannot win.

“God can only release power, glory or grace where there is an agreement between two parties… there is no agreement in Yadah FC.

“In this church today there are about 10 to 15 players out of 45, where are others?

“Maybe they are at a sangoma or an apostolic sect.

“How do you win then?.

“Where is the coach, he is not here. He has no appreciation to come and support the ministry which finances the club.

“We need to identify the Jonah in the team and offload him.

“If you want to succeed in life or if a company is to prosper you have to identify Jonah and offload him or her to steady the ship

“Most of the players and technical staff are not here, but come salary day, all will be there.

“There is no agreement. I need to deal with Jonah in the team.”