Fungayi Moyana

A Bikita man was gored to death by a suspected stray Buffalo after going out of his hut at night to investigate the movements and noises he heard outside.

Jeremiah Magaya of Zvinotabwevane area under Chief Budzi survived the wild animal attack but died four days later from deep internal injuries on his ribs at Birchenough Bridge clinic where he was admitted.

It is alleged that Magaya at about 2am at night was awaken by movements and noises outside his house and decided to check as he thought his livestock had broken out.

Magaya met the worst nightmare of his life when he went out of his hut to meet a charging buffalo that speared him through the ribs once leaving him on the ground.

The beast disappeared into the night leaving Magaya helpless in a pool of blood.

Magaya cried in a faded voice for help but to no avail so he dragged himself back to his hut.

At 6am Magaya’s son was shocked to see his father lying lifelessly in his hut and rushed him to Birchenough Bridge Clinic.

Magaya passed on four days later after his condition deteriorated.