Lovemore Madhuku who in the past has been accused of being in bed with Zanu Pf though he leads his own political party sat down and had an interview with Newsday. In the interview, he shook off the Zanu PF tag by dismissing the stories and saying he was being objective in all cited incidences.

Mdhuku was asked if he was a sellout because he was accused of dining with Zanu a party he has been fighting for years.

Said Madhuku:

I don’t know what is meant by dining with them, but I am sure you are referring to being in Political Actors Dialogue (Polad). It is not about dining with anyone. Polad is a national dialogue process where political players come together to debate issues to do with Zimbabwe; that is nothing to do with Zanu PF.

Madhuku was also asked about his participation in the Motlanthe Commission of enquiry and he said it was imperative that the enquiry be done:

There were no financial benefits in the Motlanthe Commission. The commission was very important for our country; it was the commission that found out that the army and police were responsible for killing six civilians on August 1 2018. That was a point that was made by the commission. We recommended that it should never happen again that government is irresponsible in terms of how it deals with demonstrations. We even recommended compensation, so why should the Motlanthe Commission be seen as dining with Zanu PF? The commission was the building block to the future of the country.