Peter Moyo’s show at Extra Mile on Sunday was almost spoilt by a technical glitch that led to a one and half hour stoppage.

The crowd dispersed and Peter was left on stage on his own as the engineers tried to solve the problem.

It took the intervention of Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Humanitarian Ambassador Alick Macheso to finally solve the problem.

Macheso negotiated with Extra Mile new management Quench Electrical to replace Peter’s amplifier and malfunctional equipment for the show to continue.

Macheso then joined Peter on stage and when revelers heard the former’s voice they scrambled back to the dance floor allowing the show to continue.

Macheso grabbed the lead guitar from Peter and sang the late Tongai Moyo’s hit song Zvinoita Murudo sending the crowd crazy.

He followed that up by grabbing the bass guitar from Spencer Khumbulani before performing Samanyemba with Peter before a delirious crowd.

Peter was left ecstatic, “Ndapererwa, some people say Peter talks too much like a dancehall artist, but let me tell you the truth today, this (Macheso) is the greatest ever grandfather of Zimbabwean arts and cultural business, Chigogodera ichi, Chamakuvangu ichi ,ndatenda hangu, thank you Baba.” said Peter in awe of Macheso.

Macheso pledged to continue supporting Peter.

“Yes I came in this Wish (vehicle), to bless my son Peter and his company Utakataka Express, yes in a wish car because my wish at my age is to wish for more unity and genuine love in our music industry,” he said.

-H Metro