Mabrijo has recently disclosed that she had a past relationship with Holy Ten, who ended things with her due to her supposed lack of physical attractiveness. However, she refused to divulge any further information on their dating history.

Mabrijo asserted that she is mature enough to move on and not harbor any bitterness, despite possessing incriminating screenshots. She maintains a respectful attitude towards Holy Ten and his marriage.

Regarding rumors that she was involved with Hwindi President, Mabrijo denied them outright. She stated that he was not financially well-off and thus, she would not consider dating Zimbabwean artists.

Currently, Mabrijo is romantically involved with a Nigerian man named Emeka who even bought her a car. However, she does not possess a driver’s license yet.

Mabrijo previously worked as a maid in South Africa until she encountered Prophet Passion Java, who gifted her R20 000. From then on, she focused on making money by advertising various products and services on her social media platforms.

In addition to her current situation, Mabrijo spoke about her difficult childhood, marked by poverty and abuse, particularly during her teenage pregnancy.