Former Zanu PF youth leader Acie Lumumba has been warned by sympathisers over his recent rants against Grace Mugabe.

Many concerned people are worried that Mugabe’s wife has resources to deal with Lumumba in a manner that might even end the young politician’s political career.

Recently Lumumba made headlines in Harare after telling reporters that Grace is now doing more rallies than her old husband, he went on to say that she is a heartless stepmother who does not care about the welfare and life of many Zimbabweans.

Lumumba also lamented the level of corruption in Zanu PF warning that Zimbabwe will never be prosperous with a greedy cabal of politicians who are there to rob and lie to the masses.

A Zanu PF youth who refused to be named told that Lumumba is a very angry man after his bedroom tape was leaked online by a powerful Zanu PF faction.