A VILLAGER from Mutasa who found a pair of shoes while looking for firewood helped detectives recover suspected remains of a missing St Mathias Tsonzo High School pupil,  Livingstone Sunhwa (18), who disappeared in December last year.

Manicaland police spokesman Inspector Muzondo confirmed the recovery of human remains near Mashorani stream, which is about a kilometer from the high school.

“We are yet to confirm if the remains that were found near the stream were Livingstone’s and that can only be concluded after DNA tests.”

Detectives handling the case revealed that on June 23 a team of detectives from CID Nyanga proceeded to St Mathias Tsonzo High School to make inquiries with the School authorities and the surrounding community.

The cops met a senior teacher at the school who gave insight of the whole case.

During the investigations, the detectives received information from Linety Chapungu (28) of Samushonga Village who indicated that sometime in December 2021, while looking for firewood she saw a pair of black school shoes and a belt along Mashorani stream which is about a kilometre from the school.

A follow-up on the given information was made.

Linety Chapungu led detectives to Mashorani stream where upon arrival, the detectives found a pair of size 6 black school shoes with no laces.

A piece of navy blue cloth and a shoelace were found hanging from a tree about twenty meters from the pair of shoes.

Another shoelace and some suspected human hair were seen under the tree.

Suspected human bones and a skull were found scattered about four meters from the tree on which the cloth was found hanging.

A piece of navy blue cloth with a knot was found among the bones.

The pair of school shoes, belt and vest were positively identified by Tapiwa Kabaya (17), a Form Five student at St Mathias Tsonzo High School.

Kabaya was Livingstone’ classmate.

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