Over our dead bodies..Tajamuka hunts 5 Zanu PF death squad members, Names leaked below…

Violence led by five Zanu PF hooligans has broken forth in Ward 23 of Chitungwiza South. People have been seriously injured since last five days.

Most victims are MDC supporters. The man in the picture below was assaulted last night.

Zanu PF latest violence

Chitungwiza ZANUPF thugs!!!!

Tajamuka/Sesjikile campaign is warning anyone in Chitungwiza Unit N who risks themselves by housing rougue ZANUPF thugs who are on a terror rampage towards opposition supporters at the current voter registration exercise

For the last few days Chitungwiza’s Unit N has recorded the highest number of violence from these misguided elements from ZANUPF and yestaday Sunday over 10 opposition activists were hospitalized after being attacked by these thugs.

Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign will stop this barbaric behaviour.

The Campaign will not distinguish thugs from those who keep them at their houses.

We appeal to members of the community to continue providing details of where these thugs are housed, names of their children if any, schools attended by their kids and any detail which will help the Campaign. The details should include pictures and send to social media platforms:

The top 5 of Hunted Thugs Are:

1. Alious Sasco
2. Timmie Chitembwe
3. Peter Anusa
4. Leonard Mweneya (House number 13389 Unit N Chitungwiza)
5. Chamunorwa Ruzvidzo

We know you and are coming for you.

We are here to set as an example to other people who believe in violence as a way to lure votes. The Campaign crack team is already in Chitungwiza hunting these thugs.

We will strike a balance between the force of diplomacy and diplomacy of force to ensure peace prevails amongst citizens of Zimbabwe.This time muchaenda kundogara STATE HOUSE or kuenda kundogara kumabharaki

#Tajamuka/Sesjikile Campaign