HARARE – Labour, Economists and African Democrats (LEAD) has refuted claims that party leader Linda Masarira was poisoned after she was hospitalised last Tuesday at a local Harare hospital.

Social media was awash with speculation the firebrand politician was taken ill due to suspected poisoning.

LEAD national spokesperson Everjoy Chidindi dismissed the rumours, saying the opposition leader suffered a bout of pneumonia and an asthma attack.

Chidindi confirmed Masarira was discharged last Friday and is recovering at home.

“She (Masarira) was discharged from hospital on Friday after suffering from severe pneumonia and an asthma attack on Tuesday last week.

“There was no case of poison and these are just speculative unfounded claims from a group of people without information.

“Friends, family and other political parties across the political divide have offered a lot of moral support and she is truly humbled to be receive plenty of healing mercies,” said Chidindi.

News of Masarira taken ill invited wishes for her quick recovery from among political allies and foes.