A  36-year-old Zimbabwean woman was caught at the Delhi airport with close to three kilograms of recreational drugs earlier this week.

Security officials said the woman was carrying drugs worth USD 2,5 million which she was trying to smuggle to Manila in Philippines via Goa.

Sources close to the incident revealed that officials got a tip-off from the Narcotics Control Bureau about a foreign woman carrying drugs on Monday.

On the same evening, Betty Rame , a Zimbabwean citizen, reached the departure terminal of the Indira Gandhi International Airport at around 8:30 to catch a flight to Goa.

Just as she was about to enter the airport from Gate 3, a security official stopped her.

 Betty Rame was then frisked and made to give her baggage for checking. When the officers passed her suitcase through the X-BIS machine, officials spotted an image which looked suspicious. On lifting it, it seemed unusually heavy.


The CISF staff then cut open the false cover to find a packet weighing about three kilograms. On closer inspection, they realised the packet contained popular party drug methamphetamine or “ice”.

“About 3 kilogrammes of methamphetamine, a party drug also known as ‘ice’, was recovered from the bag of the woman who hails from Zimbabwe. She was handed over to the NCB,” a CISF official said.

Who is Betty Rame?

According to a confidential source who spoke to zwnews.com, the subject(Betty) is a married self employed Harare business woman who do ‘all sorts of deals’ spanning from Harare to Malaysia, Philippines and India. She is 36-years old.

She became a person of interest to authorities after she entered India on 20th March via Mumbai on her way to Manila, Philippines via Goa-Mumbai.

More details follow…