A picture is circulating online showing worn out hands of Zimbabwe’s 93-year-old leader, President Robert Mugabe.

While his face appears lifted and very smooth for a person of his age, Mugabe’s hands do more than a lot to reveal the real man behind surgical and cosmetic masks.

Speaking about the facial disguises Zimbabwe opposition party PDP revealed that Mugabe was given extensive botox procedures on his face while he was on holiday in December 2016.

“In fact Mugabe over the Christmas holidays Mugabe received an expensive Botox operation to give temporary upliftment to his face by smoothing his facial wrinkles and improving his appearance so that he appears younger and capable of running the country when he clearly can no longer tell his left hand from the right,” the party said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Mugabe’s contrasting health and bodily appearance is already generating debates online as people wonder how the man has a face of a young person and hands of a very old man.