Photos of former RBZ chief Gideon Gono who seems to have lost weight have gone viral on social media and the internet.

Last year Gono told reporters that his weight loss was a result of strict discipline.

“It’s a journey characterized by discipline, dedication to a voluntary cause, determination to achieve one’s set goals and objectives, good dieting where one eats to live not live to eat as I used to do, good sleeping habits, persistent and irritating frequency in the gym and on road-walks and runs.

“I invested a lot in a home gym and hired a well-known personal trainer by the name Kenny Murungweni aka in the fitness circles as The Rambo. We have literally been training every day for the past 8 months and our mutual addiction to the fitness cause is now legendary among my friends and family. Those around me get my V11s or workout evidence on a daily basis.” Gono said then.

New Gono

Gono today

Old Gono

Gono now