After he was saved, seconds from disaster by Mugabe last week, Jonathan Moyo is still facing arrest after his case was taken to a Harare court by a concerned citizen who feels that the Zimbabwe Education Minister should be in the dock to answer fraud charges levelled against him.

Hardlife Mudzingwa has approached a Zimbabwe High Court in Harare seeking an order to clarify that the arrest of government ministers by the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) does not require the consent of the President of Zimbabwe.

In his application, Mudzingwa cited Professor Jonathan Moyo, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, ZRP Commissioner General and the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission of Zimbabwe as respondents.

He said on the 11th of this month, he became aware that Professor Moyo was a subject of investigation by the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission over allegations suggesting he abused his position as a government minister and committed corruption.

Mudzingwa added that since ZACC does not have arresting powers, the ZRP must be called in so that the first respondent, Professor Moyo be given an opportunity to clear his name if he has a defence, adding that he cannot plead his case before cabinet, the politburo or on twitter.

Mudzingwa is seeking an order compelling the prosecution of Professor Moyo independently without the interference of an executive member of the state and directing the Police Commissioner General to bring the Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Minister before a court of law on the publicised criminal allegations that he is being accused of.

Jonathan Moyo is yet to respond to the High Court case, however he believes that he is being persecuted by a ‘blood thirsty Gukurahundi killer’ whose ultimate goal is to grab power by any means necessary at a time when Mugabe is expected to handover the presidency to a soon to be named successor.