HARARE model Tafadzwa Mushunje (24), who is accused of injecting her lover’s two-year-old son with HIV infected blood, was yesterday sent for an HIV test.

Mushunje, who also stands accused of forcing the toddler to drink her urine, did not object to the tests.

She was remanded to today pending results of the test.

She is on $50 bail.

Prosecutor Mrs Molyn Mutamangira-Mavhondo alleged that on January 31 this year around 9am, the toddler’s mother handed over the minor to his father, who was in the company of Mushunje.

The court heard that it was not the first time that the mother had given custody of the child to him in Mushunje’s presence.

The mother noticed strange marks on the child each time the father returned him to her.

Although she suspected they were assault marks she took no action.

On February 23, the child’s mother received information from a friend pertaining to a story on an online website called Musvo Zimbabwe.

She logged on to the Internet and read that Mushunje assaulted the child whenever his father left the minor with her.

When the father was away, Mushunje would draw her allegedly HIV-infected blood and inject the child, make him drink her urine and assault him.

After reading the story, the toddler’s mother linked it to the marks she saw on the his body, and proceeded to report the matter to the police.

The child was referred for medical examination whose results are yet to be disclosed.