Zimbabwe government teachers in Harare braved the tense situation and downed tools in protest against failure by President Mugabe’s government t o pay their June salaries.

Many schools in Harare were closed as teachers commenced their strike over the delay in the payment of wages for for last month by a broke Zanu PF government.

This morning many teachers were observed relaxing outside classrooms while school children were left on their own to play.

zwnews.com reporters noted that in some low density areas, school children did not even travel to school revealing some kind of solidarity between parents and teachers as ‘parents were expecting no business at all in schools today’.

Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe National Army(ZNA) has been mobilised and deployed in certain areas of Harare city to ‘to assess the situation’ following yesterday’s brutal riots.

Zimbabwe’s nurses and other health care workers also promised to down tools until they receive their salaries for June.

More details to follow.