Mahofa Asks for Chiwenga Army Takeover in Zimbabwe

Shuvai Mahofa has invited unwanted attention to herself after asking Zimbabwe Army General Constantine(o) Chiwenga to stage a Coup d’état against lazzy and incompetant Zanu politicians.

Mahofa who is aligned to war vets, Team Lacoste and VP Mnangagwa ‘may has sacked herself from politics’ as Zanu PF is in a self cleansing spree largely targeting Mnangagwa supporters.

While speaking at a function to hand over an army-built clinic at Chingwizi in Mwenezi, Shuvai Mahofa said;

“So, today I simply want to tell Chiwenga that don’t listen to Zanu PF politicians and leaders. We  can destroy the nation.

 “You are the owners of the nation. I urge you today to take control of the nation because you are the same people who brought it to where it is today,” said Mahofa, in an address that has been interpreted as calling for a military takeover.
Obervers told ZimNews that Mahofa’s statement should not be taken for granted as she, like war vets in her camp, is now on a mission to campaign for new leadership in Zimbabwe.
Chiwenga is believed to be part of the Mnangagwa Lacoste faction fighting to take over from Mugabe who is facing open rebellion from war vets and youths in his party.