Ishmael Amuli, father of the late socialite Michelle “Moana” Amuli, faces arrest for having sexual intercourse with a girl aged fourteen (14).

The hugely popular Moana’s died on 8 November when the Rolls-Royce Wraith she was travelling in crashed against a tree and exploded, burning her and two other friends beyond recognition. The supercar owner and fellow socialite Genius “Ginimbi” was thrown out of the vehicle and died moments later as first responders tried to assist him.

A week after Moana’s death, her family members from both the paternal and the maternal sides have been fighting to bury her remains, placing her virtually unknown  mother Yolander Kuvaoga and father Ishmael Amuli into the limelight.

This was revealed by Dr. Hazviperi Betty Makoni, a prominent girl child activist, who wants to report Mr. Amuli for the crime she says was committed 26 years ago.

Moana died at the age of 26 and left behind a daughter Tyra, aged 7.

Speaking about her intention to have Mr. Ishmael Amuli arrested for statutory rape, the UK-based Dr Makoni said: :Moana died at age 26. Her mother is 41. What age did this man (Ishmael) marry Moana’s mother? ANSWER age 15. So he had sex with a girl aged 14.

“I want him punished for the historical statutory rape. Rape as a crime takes 50 years. Reporting him for rape has not elapsed. He must be punished,” Dr. Makoni insisted.

In Zimbabwe, the age of sexual consent is 16.