Mnangagwa anointed President in waiting by prophet & anti-Mugabe Zanu PF rebels

Charles Mabhena

Zimbabwe’s co-Vice President, Emmerson Mnangagwa would soon be the country’s first man.

Following the VP’s ‘I am the Boss’ mug, now being referred to as the ‘mugsaga’ in the media circles, some political analysts are now predicting that the ngwena might now be nearer the throne ever than before.

To add some weight to the speculations, whether by coincidence or otherwise, it came after one of Zimbabwe’s well known prophet and Prophetic Healing Deliverance (PDP) founder Walter Magaya had predicted the death of a high profile figure in the country.

Magaya told his followers during a New Year’s Eve prayer session that God through a vision showed him a prominent personality dying this year in Zimbabwe, but declined to reveal more or divulge the name of the person fearing the presence of members of the press at the event.

“The Lord has shown me death, but I can’t talk about it here, there are so many journalists here.

“I will just tell the gold plus and platinum partners so that when it happens they may be witnesses to the matter,” he said.

Xmas Coup Picture: Ziyambi Ziyambi and Vengai Musengi were expelled by Grace for being Mugabe’s enemies and critics; They are Mnangagwa’s best friends.

Meanwhile, a renowned political scientist, Alex Magaisa believes Mnangagwa has indeed taken up the top job in the land, and had the following to say;

“I suspect the title is taken! On other thoughts I wouldn’t mind having Gold and Platinum members,” opined the European based analyst on his twitter handle.

Another political analyst, Elder Mabhunu sees the mug issue more than it’s face value, and seems to believe that there could be a link between Magaya’s prophecy whose fulfilment might open a vacancy in the presidium.

“With Mugabe’s health diminishing by each passing day because of old age, anything is now possible, and in that regard it mustn’t be taken as being over ambitious, far-fetched, or wrong when Mnangagwa says he is the boss,” he says.

He adds that it is only a matter of time and as such the learned professor should know better, that if fate is to have it on the iron chancellor’s life, automatically, ngwena would move up the ladder.

THE BOSS Picture: Mnangagwa stands with his top lieutenant who wants to see him President of Zimbabwe as soon as yesterday, Energy Mutodi

He said this in reference to the Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo who recently took a swipe on the VP, accusing him of being disrespectful by calling himself the Boss. In ZANU PF it is a serious and treasonous offence to express interest to succeed Mugabe.

The drama unfolds at the time President Mugabe is away on his annual holiday vacation with the rumour mill grinding with it that he is unwell and pacing around the globe like a caged beast; seeking medical attention to prolong his soon to end earthly life.

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