Makandiwa dragged into Emmerson Mnangagwa poisoning drama

LATEST: A vigil is expected to be held for the stricken VP Emmerson Mnangagwa, who is currently receiving treatment in South Africa following a case of suspected food poisoning, in an open square near Rotten Row Magistrates’ Court in Harare today.

Organisers of the vigil, among them former Zanu PF youth league secretary for administration, Lewis Matutu, said they were responding to calls by United Family International Church (Ufic) founder, Emmanuel Makandiwa, who on April 9 reportedly prophesied that a top politician, ostensibly Mnangagwa, would need prayers to survive an attack.

“We are taking a leaf from the prophecy made by Makandiwa that only prayer can save him. Not only will we be praying for the Vice-President, but even for other ailing leaders, who should know that political power is not enough to define a future or save lives,” he said.

 Matutu said the prayer meeting would go on without them seeking police clearance and warned that those who will try and stop the vigil would be harbouring motives to see Mnangagwa dead.

The invitation to the prayer vigil, being sent on WhatsApp, urges all prayerful and peace-loving Zimbabweans to come and join at a time Mnangagwa loyalists have promised to hit back at those they suspect to be behind the Vice-President’s alleged poisoning.

In a video recording shared at a Ufic service on Sunday, Makandiwa said he saw a top politician, who has been loyal to his authority, ingesting some food then vomiting blood.

“We need to pray for this country. We need to pray for our leadership, so our leadership is also very important. Yes, our own leadership here is very important. There is a man we need to pray for in politics. I don’t know if I should name him. Notice: I am very comfortable mentioning names of other people in other countries, but (not) when it comes to here.

“He is a very prominent person in politics we need to pray for, because I see something entering into his stomach, then he starts vomiting, vomiting. At first, it’s food, at the end, it’s blood and he is in hospital, only prayers can save this man,” he said.

Without naming Mnangagwa, Makandiwa said the man has been so loyal to his appointing authority, as he gave hints on who it could be.

“The man has been so loyal to his authority,” Makandiwa said, while using hands to indicate that the man is second-in-command to his authority more than three times.

Mnangagwa is one of two vice-presidents in Zanu PF and the country and has been, according to him, loyal to President Robert Mugabe since he was 17 years old.

 Makandiwa told his congregation during the service on Sunday to watch the news closely and promised that he would show them a video.

“Last Sunday, he (Makandiwa) told us to watch news events closely and on Saturday, Vice-President Mnangagwa was taken ill on suspicion that he had been poisoned. Then prophet Makandiwa showed us the video of a prophecy he shared with us on April 9,” a congregant said. zimnewsnet/newsday zimbabwe