LATEST: ED govt reintroduces 2008 Price Controls…Shops to use Bond Notes, Electronic Transfers or face closure

Ed MnangagwaED Mnangagwa

Zim Situation Latest: Mnangagwa  government orders shop owners to reduce prices of basic commodities immediately

HARARE: President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s administration has directed that prices of basic commodities increased without justification be reduced immediately, as it moves to restore sanity on the market. Retailers are hiking prices of basic commodities daily, triggering panic that has led to artificial shortages.

Further, the Government directed that no businesses should reject bond notes and other electronic payments when transacting.

With regards to the proposed two cents tax per dollar, the Government said there was no need for the public to panic as this was yet to be implemented and still being fine-tuned.

Those who defy these directives will face drastic action and with regards to those in the fuel sector, they risk revocation of their licences.

Addressing the media, VP Kembo Mohadi said Cabinet also dealt with the issue of drug shortages and Government was concerned with the challenges facing the pharmaceutical sector where drug prices were also rising sharply.

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