Broke wife borrows bread daily from local tuckshop

Tinashe Zisengwe

The former Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union(ZCTU) president George Nkiwane is in a battle of shame after his wedded wife dragged him to the maintenance court yesterday, zimnews can reveal.

Jenifa Nkiwane the wife cried in court saying she borrows bread daily from a local tuckshop while the husband who formally is employed with ZESA holdings as an Accountant earns more than US$ 1 000 monthly.

“The last time l ate meat was three months ago it is now a thing of the past, we have been married for 36 years now but surprisingly he is just weird these days,” she said.

Mrs Nkiwane also blamed the husband for being adulterous.

The court session was all drama as Mr Nkiwane (56) did not only admit to be negligent, but also produced a birth certificate of his small house child to the shock of the wife.

“Yes Magistrate l have not being doing anything since the last time l gave her my bank card she misused it for personal gains.

“Worse more she work at Huya Uhodhe so she must look after the family as well,” he said.

The wife seems to have been aware of the extramarital affair but was shocked to discover that the two have a child together.

Mrs Nkiwane was demanding US $ 650 for her maintenance and farm workers from George who earns $ 1048.

“Since 2016 he has not been giving me money, he only buys groceries which are insufficient for the whole month. He always gives three quarters of the groceries to the small house,” she said.

Mrs Nkiwane also blamed the irresponsible husband for failing to pay rates.

“We have a council deficit amounting to $ 732.

“He hasn’t paid anything for our last born at Midlands State University of which l am not formally employed. We also owe money to a local tuck shop where we get bread on credit daily,” said the wife.

George in response said he is willing to pay the demanded $ 650 as long as the wife justifies what she wants to use it for.

“I supply money for groceries on monthly basis in April alone she bought $ 240 groceries and this month $ 170 at Ok Mart.

“I would give her the money for groceries but she converted it into personal use, at some point l informed her sister for the behavior,” he said.

The ZETDC boss also defended himself on not paying school fees for the MSU child.

“I have always paid MSU fees, it’s only two weeks ago that l discovered that students on attachment should pay fees,” said George.

Gweru civil court Magistrate Mildred Mutuvi on Wednesday ordered George to pay $220 maintenance excluding farm workers pay as well as rates.

Magistrate Mutuvi said the court has considered that the woman has other piece jobs as well as that the husband was partly responsible.