Copied: Meet and know@ZECzim  deputy chair, commissioner Laetitia Joyce Kazembe. She has been with the election body since it was called the Electoral Supervisory Commission. Joined in the 1995 elections, saw and endorsed all disputed elections for 25 years, whats special about her?

Above all, she is a spy. Very dangerous woman. Even at Sapes she was spying. Very arrogant and dangerous.

Mugabeism and the system is composed of people. Naming them and what they do entreching the system is a start. Congragulations. Keep profiling them.

It’s as if the country has no talent. After two 5-year terms, these people need to be changed.We need transparency in this Body.

The special thing about her is that she set the pace for Chigumba! She is the fist and brains behind Chigumba.

How do we progress if people keep jobs for 25 years? No succession to talk about. The youths remain jobless forever, while geriatrics die in office.

source: online social media