Reports from Kwekwe indicate that there are nefarious attempts by a camp loyal to Local Government Minister July Moyo and humiliatingly deposed former state security minister Owen ‘Mudha’ Ncube to frustrate Zanu PF 2018 parliamentary candidate for Kwekwe Central, Kandros Mugabe ahead of harmonised elections to be held next year.

Minister Moyo and Mudha are largely believed to be President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s blue-eyed boys in the long-ruling Zanu PF, which has been in power since Zimbabwe’s attainment of independence from the jaws of British colonial supremacy in 1980.

In the corridors of Zanu PF politics in the Midlands, the pair of Mudha and Moyo are understood to be having an acrimonious relationship with Mugabe- a leader of the Zvipo ZveMweya Apostolic Church and Secretary of Finance for Zanu PF Kwekwe District Coordinating Committee (DCC).

Impeccable sources privy to the goings-on in the fierce fights within the ruling party in the Midlands Province told this publication that the Mudha/Moyo camp has been working to ensure that they frustrate Mugabe so that the cleric-cum-politician will decide not to contest in 2023.

What is quite clear to them (Minister Moyo and Mudha) is that Kandros (Mugabe) has the full support of ordinary members of the ruling party in Kwekwe and also that there are quite a number of people from the opposition who sympathise with him for his social responsibility initiatives. For this reason, they want to block him from contesting in Kwekwe Central next year,” said our source.

If you still remember, that was the same camp that planted (independent candidate and lawyer, Josiniah) Maupa to derail Mugabe’s parliamentary aspirations in 2018. They also used (Mudha’s nephew, Energy) Dhala (Ncube) before switching to (former Kwekwe deputy mayor) John Mapurazi in the Kwekwe Central by-elections which were eventually won by the opposition last May. To them, it doesn’t matter even if Zanu PF loses the seat to the CCC- all they do not want to see is Kandros Mugabe,” the source added.

Dhala and former Mbizo legislator, Vongaishe Mupereri, who is understood to be Minister Moyo’s close relative, are rumoured to be at the centre of the anti-Mugabe drive.

Energy Dhala Ncube

While the Moyo/Mudha camp could not be immediately reached for comment, Mugabe said he was not going to ‘comment on matters involving my seniors’.

I really have nothing to comment on issues that involve my seniors in the party. What do you want me to say- attack my leaders in a newspaper? No, no, no, I cannot do that. We are expending our energies on the forthcoming Zanu PF National People’s Congress and working on how we should mobilise the 5 Million votes for His Excellency, Cde ED Mnangagwa, who is our presidential candidate in 2023,” he said.

Mugabe added:

So, if there are any other individuals fighting against me, that is definitely none of my business, it is their business. I really would have been worried if these people were directly fighting President Mnangagwa”.